Spotlight: Harvey Dent

I [Don’t] Believe in Harvey Dent.

“Last night, I finally had the chance to watch the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight.
I must admit, I enjoyed the previous Batman movie more than this one. Reason being, the last one left me with a feeling of hope. The Dark Knight, however, left me utterly depressed. Don’t get me wrong- it was quite an entertaining movie. But it crushed the last remnants of hope I had for mankind. It screamed a message that has been resounding in my ears the past few months: humanity is absolutely hopeless.

No matter how hard you try to fix the world, to help people, and to believe in them, they will ALWAYS let you down, screw you over, and figure out new ways in which to commit evil. You silence one lie only to be deceived by another. You give to the poor only to find that poverty will always be among us. You snuff out crime in one area only to have it spring up on the other side of town. You can’t even trust the intentions of those you love the most, including family, lovers, and friends, because who knows the evil we hide in each of our hearts? Who of us is perfect? Who of us is immune to the temptations of evil? Who of us can withstand a fall if lifted to hero status? … ”

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The above is and excerpt from the blog A Maze of Grace. It is not mine in whole or in part. Go there and read.

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