No time like the present!

This week I have been thinking about– not reading, but thinking about– Don Aslett’s book “Done!“. Ever since the birth of my baby son (AHHH HE’S SO SWEET!!!!), I have been training myself into a routine that was never necessary before the little man arrived– and I find that the more I train myself to be disciplined, the more I learn that doing it as soon as I think of it is the best option. How much time is easily spent thinking about what must be done often adds up to way more time than it actually takes to just do it!

Last week my sourdough starter that had been sitting on the counter was done “brewing”. The day after, my husband saw it in the fridge and said, “Are you gonna make sourdough bread?” and I said “yes, sometime”. So an hour later I open the fridge and see it again and I think, why not now? I started my bread that afternoon and had it finished before dinner. It was so good I wondered why I hadn’t been baking bread all winter long. What was so tough about it, anyway?

I’d been meaning to clean the bathroom for weeks. The trouble with the bathroom is that you only end up in there when you are in a hurry to get somewhere else– it’s just a necessary and annoying stop. On Thursday I was in there again and noticing how dirty it was and I finally just grabbed the paper towels and the cleaning spray and it was over in ten minutes. What had I been avoiding for so long?

Then there’s yesterday when coming back from Town Meeting with my brother-in-law and his wife.
“That was no fun,” he says. (Not because we don’t like Town Meeting, it’s just usually more fun than this one was.)
“I agree. Let’s go get pizza.”
“You want pizza?” Cedric asks, looking a little dubious.
“Yes! I’ll make some!”
As soon as we got home I whipped up the dough, let it rise, baked it, topped it, baked it again, and we had pizza.

There’s no time like the present.

One thought on “No time like the present!

  1. Gracie May says:

    I’m stuck cleaning out my email inbox. If I don’t just finish it now, I’ll never get back to it.
    I made apple muffins yesterday. I’m a big baking mood lately.

    My only problem with doing things “now” is that I do too much and then I’m exhausted. Hahaha. I think I need to learn to take mini-breaks instead of doing every single thing that pops in my head. I think, “I feel great right now, I can conquer the world!” Of course, in my world domination, I never think about eating…

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