Got cucumbers?

Yesterday I noticed we had four cucumbers from the local farmer sitting in our fridge. My husband had brought them home one night and, not knowing what to cook with them, I just stuffed them in.

“Oh NO!” I yelled as I pulled them out. “They’re going to go BAD! What do I do with FOUR cucumbers?!”

“Make chunk salad,” says my honey.

“Chunk salad?”

“Just chop them up– and these tomatoes too– and dump oil and vinegar dressing on them. It’s awesome.”

So it took a few minutes and then it was done. We ate all of it while we were cooking dinner, and so each of us had downed two cucumbers and a tomato whilst feeling that it was so yummy we had to stuff it in our mouths. “We haven’t had much fresh lately. We should make more of this stuff as long as there are cucumbers.”

Does your local farmer have some fresh stuff yet? Make a chunk salad with it. Maybe you won’t have to buy multivitamins this winter!

2 thoughts on “Got cucumbers?

  1. Rachel says:

    I still firmly believe that if supplement companies can dry fruits and vegetables and put them in a multivitamin for us to buy, we can dry fruits and vegetables ourselves.

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