I really do like a few actors!

I am often caught in the middle of one of those revolving movie conversations where I admit I don’t like any of the movies or people mentioned. Don’t like Brad Pitt. Don’t like Steve Carrell. Don’t like Adam Sandler. Don’t even like Tom Hanks! Or Tom Cruise! Or Cate Blanchett! Or Keira Knightley! Or Mark Wahlburg! Or Dwayne Johnson! Or Arnold or Ryan Reynolds or Kate Hudson or Hilary Swank or Matt Damon or Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom or Steve Martin–

At the end of all this someone will comment that I sure don’t like anybody, do I. And I’ll sit there in puzzlement trying to name an actor or actress that I do like. For the sake of having a list somewhere, here is my list.

People I like to see on the screen:
Hugh Jackman
Russell Crowe
Eric Bana
Richard Armitage
Nathan Fillion
Bradley Cooper
Rachel McAdams
Edward Norton
Scarlet Johansson
Christian Bale
Liam Neeson
Jessica Biel
Simon Baker
Thomas Kretchsmann
Katie Holmes
Sean Bean
Antonio Banderas
Karl Urban
Jason Statham
Tom Hardy
Tommy Lee Jones

People I don’t mind seeing:
Nicole Kidman
Jennifer Garner
Sean Connery
Daniel Craig
Gerard Butler
James Marsden
Clive Owen
Reese Witherspoon
Viggo Mortensen
Matthew McConoughey (just lately)
Sylvester Stallone (in moderation)
Catherine Zeta-Jones

And of course there are these wonderfuls, who don’t count because they’re not in movies anymore:
Ingrid Bergman!!!
Cary Grant
Olivia DeHavilland
Errol Flynn
Yul Brynner
James Stewart
Gregory Peck
Julie Andrews
Charlton Heston
John Wayne

So there. I guess I do like some actors. :)


6 thoughts on “I really do like a few actors!

  1. I typically only like versatile actors- who have played a wide variety of roles and gave a convincing performance with each.
    Tom Hanks is perhaps my favorite. While I generally don’t care for the movies he’s been in, I do think Johnny Depp is an excellent actor. And as far as actresses, I think Amy Adams is about the only one who has impressed me.

  2. Grace, you’re so decisive. I have a hard time narrowing my tastes down like that, haha.
    I have to respect actors who are versatile, even if I don’t like them personally. The thing with some of those people is that they tend to annoy me. Tom Hanks I have come to admire for his ability, he does a great job.

  3. Tom Hanks really annoyed me for a while. And he still does to an extent. But the last time I watched You’ve Got Mail I laughed my head off at like everything he said. *sigh* I think I’m starting to like him. Which is a great tragedy in my mind. I hate being inconsistent. ;)
    I agree with pretty much your whole list though. Except I do like Anne Hathaway, and I’ve only seen Mark Wahlburg in The Italian Job but he was awesome in that so I guess I like him too. :P And I really hate to say it, but…… I like Brad Pitt. *Hides in shame* At least in SpyGame. I don’t know how he is in other movies. I was so determined not to like him though. It made me really mad at myself. ;)

  4. If thats a few than I have hardly any. :P

    Hugh Jackman
    Reese Witherspoon
    Josh Lucas
    Gerard Butler
    Sandra Bullock
    Owen Wilson
    Viggo Mortensen
    Patrick Dempsey
    Amy Adams
    Julie Andrews
    John Wayne
    James McAvoy [Becoming Jane. Penelope]
    Keira Knightly
    Jackson Rathbone
    Jonas Armstrong and Joe Armstrong [Robinhood BBC]
    Rachel McAdams [Notebook. Time Travelers Wife. Sherlock Holmes]
    Ryan Gosling [Notebook]
    and Jen Aniston.
    Kellan Lutz
    Ashley Green

    People I don’t mind seeing;
    Richard Armitage
    Bradley Cooper
    Robert Downey Jr
    Mandy Moore
    Billy Burke

  5. Aha, I spy Josh Lucas on your list! He was my favorite actor a few years ago, I was crazy about him, hehe. He is very good. And Jonas and Joe Armstrong, awesome as well. I really like James McAvoy, especially in the new X-Men movie.
    Did you ever see Bradley Cooper in Alias? That’s when I really started to like him.

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