Happy Days

I often feel guilty if I spend an entire day doing creative things like writing and scrapbooking or making something yummy but not healthy. I’ve been asking myself lately, where does this guilt come from? It’s silly. These things that I make will last for ages. My children and theirs will enjoy them and remember them. The moments my little boy and I spend sitting at the piano and plunking out dumb melodies will be memories he will never forget, even if I feel I wasn’t doing the “mama thing” right then by washing his diapers.

What’s more, my husband is always so happy when I have one of those days. He may not look around the house and see that I did anything amazing, but he senses my attitude of accomplishment and he relishes it, even if dinner is a little late. When I have a family who loves what I love so much, I should relish it as well, and instead of feeling guilty, do my housework with my happy grin because I I I wrote all day day day…

2 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. Sky says:

    I’ve always wondered if the “mama thing” is really a mommy thing if not taking time to really be the mommy – those happy play times, guilt free creative days – and not just a house maid. Anyone else can clean a house and wash the laundry, but no one else can be his mommy. And you’re a very good one.

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