November 1st

Soooo National Novel Writing Month is on, and I have reached my word quota for the day. The reason behind my posting updates is that it keeps me accountable– the more people I have to answer to, the more motivated I will be. At least, in theory.

Hoping it will work!


4 thoughts on “November 1st

  1. I can’t set goals like that for myself. If I do, I will totally neglect everything else. I barely keep my house going let alone finish projects in a timely manner!
    kudos to you.

  2. I kindof have to set goals and/or rules for myself. The challenge keeps me in line. I find spontaneously doing my housework actually the easy part. Buckling down and committing to my projects is where I have trouble.
    So basically, the opposite of you, Grace, bwahaha!

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