Almost 20,000

I’m taking a break from my constant, constant novel writing. I swear I will be 10-words-per-minute faster by the end of this challenge. And I will post some of my novel on here. I will, I will.

Maybe I’ll even get someone who is good with Photoshop to make a color cover for it?

Okay, you can tell how tired of typing I am by how this blog is running on and on. I’m starting to feel like one of those bloggers who blogs so much they get tired of it (never been a problem for me before now), but I am not actually blogging that much.

Back to the grind. Hey, when you read my cheesy tale of knights and ladies you can sit back and giggle at the toil I went through this month.

Ahhhh I can’t wait. Oh, by the way; this blog post is 150 words in length.


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