I’m staring at the last year of posts on my blog and am seriously considering deleting a bunch of my older posts. For awhile they all seem directionless– like I had no idea what I wanted out of my blog– and then it all morphs into the novel I tried to write, finished, and now find published and available! From here on out I can see that I will be completely committed to blogging about fiction, which is what I always wanted to blog about anyway.

And yet I read all these epistle-type posts I wrote about thoughts and issues I was going through– journal style stuff that I’m not sure I really meant for anybody to read but I did it to build confidence in myself. Okay, confidence now intact, do those posts really hold any value to anyone besides me? Or do they come off as over-reflective. Truly, something that belongs in a lined notebook under my pillow.

I am not one born to write non-fiction. I know this for sure. And when it comes to advice, I am good at it one-on-one, situation-to-situation. So most of my advice columns are pointed directly at myself. Should I delete them all? Archive them? Suddenly I want to tidy up my little blog and get it down to business. I want to talk about tales of knights, I want this to be a place where I share little tidbits and not so much seriousness. Anybody with me? Or am I threatening to remove something that someone actually reads?

Really, I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Direction

  1. Jami says:

    I read them.
    I don’t think you should take them down, unless they feel really private and you don’t want anyone to read them anymore.

  2. Sky says:

    Oh no!
    You’re really going to take away and stop blogging about your own life and your own thoughts?
    That makes me sad.

    Why don’t you make another blog where you can just be about fiction… and this one can be your journal. Or vice versa.
    Don’t you know, everyone loves to read what’s written on the lines in the notebook beneath your pillow? ;)

  3. Gracie May says:

    Truth be told, I prefer your non-fiction posts, simply because I’m a non-fiction kinda gal. I still plan on reading your novel though!!!
    I think your posts are very good and thought-provoking. I don’t think you should take them down. Self-directed writings are really the best- it’s info/advice that comes from personal experience. I can’t think of anything I’ve written that wasn’t actually directed towards myself.
    Much like you say you don’t feel you were meant to write non-fiction, I feel the opposite. So far, all my attemtps at fiction have been total flops. But I still dream of it from time to time. It’s good to focus on what you know you’re best at, but don’t completely lock other doors. I may still write a short story here or two, and you may just find your way back to reflective writings about your life and thoughts.
    I’ve learned to “never say never”. It’s good to leave some doors slightly cracked open.

  4. Rachel says:

    Whoa, thanks for the input you guys! Sky, no way would I stop blogging about my own thoughts; I was mostly thinking about some of my really old posts that got really preachy and I would kindof shake my head at nowadays. But I guess it’s all a part of growing and learning. I’m glad you enjoy them!
    Grace, thank you. I find many times as I read your blog that you usually say exactly what I meant to say but you say it better– and the more fiction I write the more I realize that I can say what I want to best through that medium.
    So long as nobody misses it too much, I am going to put my philosophizing on the shelf. But I won’t delete any posts for now either. :)

    1. Sky says:

      Well, when I said you’re own thoughts, I meant, the day to day life happenings, what you think as you live… I guess I should have said, you’re own life, not just your novels.
      Btw, you do know who I am, right? haha. I know I go by a screen name on my blogs but you know who I am, right?

      1. Rachel says:

        Oookay, yeah, I love blogging about my day to day life happenings, I will definitely keep those. I’m always way happier with them than I am with my sermon-like rants, haha!
        I know who you are! Gah, no way could I forget who Sky is! I am shocked you would even suggest it! :O How you been, anyway? Drop me a facebook message sometime! Or give me a call, you have my cell number, right? Although the chances of my being able to answer it may be slim, haha, it’s worth a shot. ;)

        1. Sky says:

          Ok, let me try this again. ahah
          What I was saying is that:
          What I got from this blog post was that you wanted to start only writing about fair maidens, knights and updates on the books you’re writing and publishing?
          What I was saying is I love your blogging, from your sermon rants to cloth diapers to what you made for supper!
          Was I wrong about what I got from this blog?
          I know what you mean about cell phone… mine hardly works at home. I use it mostly only when I’m away from home. haha.

          1. Rachel says:

            I kinda meant that, I guess… maybe it was a mood swing, because now I’m not sure what I meant!
            Mostly I was noticing that my blog seems to be going too many directions at once and that I enjoy writing short little blurbs more than my rants. So I thought I’d see what you thought about it being short little blurbs plus my novel promotion, of course.
            My conclusion is that I will leave what I’ve written alone (not delete it!) and continue blogging in all directions– whatever I feel like sharing. Thanks for the help, I don’t think I would have sorted out this out in my head without your input. :)

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