Writer’s Blockness-Notness [noveling side effects]

I’ve been feeling really uninspired in regards to my blog lately. I have loads of plot ideas in my head, but they’re all novel plots. Not blog plots.

I used to kind of “vent” to my blog about stuff going on in life, or stuff I wish was going on– I needed that free flow typing to clear my head a little. My guess is that my newly found good habit of simply putting the words on the page in my novel writing has given me that outlet now, and I don’t need to do that in my blog anymore.

Great for my noveling! But sad for my blog. Any ideas? Something I told you once that you always thought I should blog about? I am pedaling fast with prequel and sequel and war epic and spy thriller in my head and wondering if my lighter side will again touch the keyboard outside of Twitter…

(Finding that I really like Twitter, by the way.)


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