November is coming!

I am so gosh-darned excited for NOVEMBER this year! No, not turkeys and stuffing or the cold nippy air. No, I am speaking of a singular, beautiful, month-long event, after which I will emerge victorious with a bright and crsip manuscript in hand! My stomach is bubbling with excitement, my mouth fairly gurgling and my mind dashing about wildly. I have ideas pouring over and going through pen and into notebook and it takes all the self-control I can muster not to boot up Scrivener and hammer out that first scene to Knights of Rilch

… that bloody and somber and deathly dangerous prequel to the plight of Marek and Trzl. Oh I’ll share as I write and hope to hold the interest of you, my readers. However small your number, know that you are ever dear and beloved by me and, yes, loved by the people of Serengard, though they cannot thank you in person. ;) AND if there are any of you who have never joined in our number, the Viking-obsessed novel writers of November, give it a good perusal and a few moments of intense consideration. Who knows? Perhaps you, too, will write a novel.



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