Reblog: An Interview with fantasy author Cady Elizabeth Arnold

This is cool. Another fantasy author who lives near me and Indie published her book with Maine Authors Publishing. I like her style!

“I’m Cady Elizabeth Arnold but have always been called ‘Betsy’, except by telemarketers or my parents when I was in trouble. I love to write and can’t remember a time when I didn’t. In my basement are boxes of folders and journals with writings that date back to second grade…poetry mostly, but also stories and prose. I call myself a ‘closet scribbler’ because I haven’t shared much of my work with others. Publishing is a challenge and I waited until I had a novel I really believed in before I felt ready to jump that hurdle. Another reason I have been slow to publish is that I’m a recovering perfectionist. Part of me still wants to make edits and changes to Tapestry: Strands of Yellow and Blue even though I am well into the writing of the sequel.”

>>> Read More >>>


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