Here are my noveling tools, all ready to hit the pavement at 9am tomorrow morning. Above rests my gorgeous and reliable Toshiba Netbook, a Yankee Candle in Vanilla Lime, a fresh Pilot G-2 07 (the best pen ever made), and my hand-scribbled Knights of Rilch noveling sketch book. The only thing missing from the picture is a hot cappuccino or breve, and that is because it is not 9am EST on November 1st. These tools lie dormant until their moment arrives, and the coffee as well must wait…

I’m sitting here listening to my twitter feed inform me of each time zone that passes midnight and begins noveling. My fingers are waiting. Ready. I can hardly stand the suspense. I am determined to post portions on my blog this time. I will amaze myself with my confidence. You can all read and comment and be angry at me, rather passive, or downright disapproving and it will be glorious. I hope you will. I really, really hope you will.

I have this whole tale in my head and when it hits the page it will be all in; a crazy all out mad run to the finish line. By the end of November I will have my first draft of Knights of Rilch (working title) and sometime in the spring you may all hold the book in your hands. I’m am practically panting with anticipation. Oh oh gosh. Here it comes, here it comes!!!

To all the Wrimos already writing, and all who are about to start, I raise my computer and my cup of coffee to you in cheers.
(And then put them down, because that is a dangerous maneuver.)
–Lindsey Grant, NaNoWriMo Program Director


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