It all happens so fast

I fully intended to blog every other moment this month. As it is, nineteen days have passed and I’ve posted a total of two pieces of story and no updates as to the state of my mind, save my facebook statuses. Twitter remains my favorite form of updating. The 140 character limit helps keep it simple; besides, I only have a few moments here and there between writing. I just topped 42,000 words yesterday. I’ve been averaging a little over 2,000 words per day and should reach my 50,000 word goal by November 20th, which will give me ten more days in which to sprint to about 70,000. I can say at this point that I literally have waaaayyy more story than will fit inside 50,000, which is a good feeling.

Sheezum, I can hardly wait to get this book all down on paper, the story in my head is going a million miles a minute, faster than I can type…

I am already wanting to change the title. I think the Knights of Rilch is a little too bland for the way this is turning out. It is a little bloodier and a little more romantic. What does that mean? I will update you again with another little insight into what that means… for now, I must allow this unedited and probably quite shoddily written blog post to go out into the blogosphere so that my little blog does not feel entirely deserted for the word .doc known as my next novel.

“Ten pages of bad writing are more useful to me than giving up for the afternoon.”
— Daniel Handler

“Fighting with Ric was less of a blood bath and more of a witch hunt.”
–from Knights of Rilch, by me


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