My blog needs a makeover!

Anyone have some brilliant ideas for a blog makeover?

1. Is this gray just a little too sleepy?

2. Is the barefoot reference obscure? I mean, I have worn flip flops for about four years now.

3. Anyone think it’s okay to blog more frequently with less content? Or is that too much like Twitter?

4. And finally, if I update ya’ll each time I do something publish-related, will you get bored and stop reading?

Thank you muchses.

2 thoughts on “My blog needs a makeover!

  1. Grace Lucille says:

    1. I don’t like the grey, personally. I’m a big fan of white background for writing and maybe a color border.
    2. I think the barefoot reference is definitely obscure. Your blog title should actually reflect your blog content and I think I only remember you talking about being barefoot on here like, three years ago, lol
    3. Twitter is extremely short. If you have something short to say, but longer than a twitter status, then just blog.
    4. I don’t know?? I would read your blog if it was boring anyway, ’cause that’s what friends do, right? hahahaha

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