All the scary things

So after ushering in 2013, and all the little adjustments that entails, along comes February. And not just any February. This February, I’m going to do ALL THE SCARY THINGS.

As an early teen, I shared a little of my writing with a couple of friends. One loved everything I wrote, but another, someone I really looked up to, hated it. This was tough to hear in the 200-pages-of-first-draft stage. I didn’t think I was reacting at the time, but in retrospect, I certainly was. I grew less and less willing to share even a tidbit of my writing. I wanted to have a complete masterpiece finished and polished to beyond excellence, and then I hoped to publish it without any prior feedback.

Pffft. Scratch that. If I don’t put myself out there, I won’t learn anything, and said masterpiece will be a sorry pile of mistakes I was too paranoid to lay open to criticism. I don’t know if I would have come out of hiding at all if it weren’t for a fellow songwriter who told me I had to look at my novels the same way I looked at my songs. (Thanks, Steve.)

And before I go any further, I have to thank a few people who’s open, helpful advice has been instrumental in helping me get over myself in the writing department. Hugs for Andrea Hannah, Michelle Roberts, and EM Castellan.

Scary things coming up (drumroll!):

1. Blind Speed Dating Contest!!! (No, it’s not dating. It’s agents and writers.)
This February, my query and first 250 of my most recent novel will appear alongside the work of other amazing writers in this awesome contest put on by Cupid’s Literary Connection. This is not only scary because loads of other people will be reading my work, but because there is a slight chance I could make it into the “agent round”… which means actual literary agents would be reading it. Eeep. BUT after all this time in the shadows, protecting manuscripts with both hands, I am pleased to announce that I am excited for the all critique I’ll (hopefully) be receiving from my fellow writers. Bring it!

2. Darci Cole’s Flash Fiction Contest
Write a 300-500 word story based on a prompt and post it on my blog? Something that should be easy, because it’s just for fun and some awesome prizes, but I’ve never done anything like this. Oh I’ve written short snippets of story that hold their own, but I’ve never let the world read them. So. New thing.

3. Kissing Scene Competition
This is a special part of the Blind Speed Dating Contest. I am so excited. I love writing kissing scenes. But… someone could still hate mine. Oh. No. Stay tuned on the blog. Or skip it, if you don’t like kissing scenes. But seriously, who doesn’t?!

So. Maybe, given a few months and a little bit of encouragement, I might be brave enough to enter the world of querying…

2 thoughts on “All the scary things

    1. Rachel O'Laughlin says:

      Thank YOU for reading it! I am so grateful to have your feedback. I hope I’ll get lots of advice from the contest, it may give me some great ideas of what to emphasize in my query.
      P.S. Email coming your way shortly!

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