Major Decisions (check!)

I hinted in my last post that I was re-writing my 54k YA Fantasy COLDNESS OF MAREK. Now that I know what I am writing is actually an Adult/NA Epic Fantasy series, COLDNESS needs to be entirely reworked to fit with the rest of it. Just don’t freak out when I take the original off of my website and Amazon– I didn’t quit. I am coming back!

(Sidenote: although the themes of the story move me into the “adult” category, my writing is still PG-13. Certainly not R. Just so that’s clear.)

Those of you who read the first edition, you do not have to buy or borrow the re-release to understand the sequel. The actual story hasn’t changed; I’m just adding about 25,000 words, tweaking the points of view and polishing the narrative. The result will be a little darker, a little deeper novel, and you will be able to pick up KNIGHTS OF RILCH and know exactly what is going on. But stay tuned, because I’ll be giving out ARC copies to blog tour hosts and there will be lots of random giveaways!

I originally projected KNIGHTS OF RILCH for release this spring, but I need to take my time with both books. I want to be sure I have every little wrinkle ironed out, every sentence nicely structured. In order to accomplish this, I’ve asked other writers to beta read my various drafts and give input. I have a copy editor and a cover artist lined up (yay!), and probably will need a final proof reader or two as well.

So that means lots of rounds of little revisions. But I’m certain it will be worth all of the time and effort!

And I may as well mention this now, there will be a third book!!!

Everyone who bought COLDNESS OF MAREK last year, I can’t thank you enough for believing in my story, for taking a chance on a new author, and for staying around for the sequels. Hugs! Gahhhh I’m so excited. And so nervous.


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