Coldness Kids STREET TEAM Launch


Hiiii everyone! I know I’ve been doing a lot of promo for other books lately, and consequently haven’t mentioned my own very much, but here’s a post that’s all about what I’ve got upcoming. I’m launching a Street Team for my epic fantasy novel Coldness of Marek (coming out August 6th, 2013)!

Here’s why I’m desperate for help:

I’m just one person. I can’t get the word out about this series on my own. Plus, it’s a little hard to tell everyone exactly what they’ll like about something I wrote. “It’s lovely and heart-wrenching and has tons of emotion and danger,” is naturally what I think on good days, and “this whole story is so dumb,” is what I think on bad days. You see? I’m not cut out for doing this by myself.

Here’s what I need from you:

A bit of reading time, and a lot of noise. All I ask is that you spread the word in any ways you enjoy. Review my novel on Goodreads, Amazon and B&N, talk about it on Twitter, drop a copy at your local library, chat it up to a bookstore, or just tell a friend if you enjoyed it.

Here’s how I repay you:

TONS OF HUGS!!!! Faces like this:

Surprised and this:


Okay, but as far as actual stuff? Swag!!! Blog buttons and wall art, special and secret content, and other cool morsels I can conjure to express my gratitude!

If you’re interested in joining the Street Team or helping out in anyway, please fill out this form to let me know. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart! I love you guys.

COLDNESS OF MAREK is the first in an epic fantasy series about the kingdom of Serengard in the midst of the rebellion that overturns it…

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7 thoughts on “Coldness Kids STREET TEAM Launch

  1. Hi Rachel,
    The link to the form didn’t work, but I’d love to help out. Just lemme know what you need and when you need it.
    Joshua Bellin (tweeting @TheYAGuy)

  2. :D Is this the sort of thing where friends, family, etc don’t get to participate? Just kidding! You know I’ll do my best to help.

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