It’s cover reveal day, and I’m freaking out with happiness.

Today is the day I get to reveal the cover to COLDNESS OF MAREK all over the internet, with the help of my wonderful Street Team. Are you ready? Are you READY??!! Follow the links…

The first post went live at 9am UK time on the blog of my good friend EM Castellan. There are nine blogs participating in the reveal at different times today, featuring special content and all of their usual goodness, so check them out!

  • Darci Cole, my friend and critique partner. I can’t say enough good things about her, you just have to meet her to know.
  • Serena Lawless, the first writer I followed on Twitter. She’s basically all-out amazing. Also check out her tumblr.
  • There and Draft Again, a fellowship of fantasy writers. They are all awesomesauce and are including an excerpt from COLDNESS OF MAREK.
  • M. Andrew Patterson, fellow fantasy writer who is a super good friend. Also writes young adult and is Mr. Cool on twitter.
  • Lauren Garafalo, who is always running a writing sprint and never ceases to make my day brighter.
  • Joshua David Bell, also known as Young Adult Guy. He blogs seriously good stuff.
  • Mara Valderran, a gal who writes awesome epic fantasy herself (I’ve read her words!) and is totally sweet.
  • K.L. Schwengel, self-published fantasy author. She’s included an excerpt on her blog!

Thanks also to all of my friends who are tweeting and pinning the cover all over social media today, everyone who retweets, repins, shares and likes on Facebook. I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


4 thoughts on “It’s cover reveal day, and I’m freaking out with happiness.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)
      I pronounce it “TURR-zull”, but some of my readers pronounce it “Teer-ZEEL”. I like both ways! I’m going to include a pronunciation guide in the book, but I decided to leave vowels out of Trzl’s name because it reads nicely.

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