Annnnnnd BLOG TOUR!!!

Today begins two weeks of blogging fun in which I spam all of your Facebook and Twitter feeds with links to my latest interviews, guest posts, excerpts and giveaways. Yep, you read that right, there shall be loads of GIVEAWAYS!

First, let me explain the banner above. I was recently interviewed for the first time by Serena Lawless (who is sweet and awesome and just simply amazing) for her Future Shelves feature on her blog, So Lawless. Anyway, when this interview went up on her blog, and I saw this gorgeous, gorgeous banner of hers, it all kind of hit home for me. This publishing thing is real, y’know? And it scared me in a lot of ways, because this is my first time doing EVERYTHING. This is my first blog tour, my first novel, my first release date — and I’m so nervous.

But I’m also excited and grateful. I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received, all the support I’ve been given, all the opportunities that have tossed into my path. I’m grateful for all the lovely people who’ve hosted my cover reveal and blog tour, all the sweet folks who’ve retweeted and congratulated me and pre-ordered my book. AHHH!! I just want to send cyber hugs to all of you, because you’re amazing.

To avoid also spamming your blog feeds, I’m posting this handy list of all my blog tour stops now, and I’ll probably post a list of all the exact posts after the tour is complete. You don’t have to follow along, I’ll still know you’re my friend. <3




August 5
Let’s Get Nerdy – Musical Mondays: Coldness of Marek Playlist
Mara Valderran – Excerpt
My Random Muse – Interview

August 6
E.M. Castellan – Interview
Read, Write, Repeat – Release Day Blitz

August 7
A Shortcut to Shrums – Antiheroes: Good Guys With Issues & Giveaway

August 8
Paranormal Book Club – The Gray Mists of Fantasy & Giveaway

August 9
IceyBooks – Interview & Giveaway

August 10
Darci Cole – Review & Giveaway

August 12
Mara Valderran – Guest Post: Writing Many Points of View
YA Guy – Interview & Giveaway

August 13
Literary Escapism – Guest Post: Scary
Reese’s Reviews – Author Interview

August 14
Dyadic Echoes – Serengard: The World and its Quirks & Giveaway
Tall Thoughts From a Short Girl – Interview

August 15
The Bearded Scribe – Interview, Review & Giveaway
Lauren Garafalo – Kiss Me, Kill Me: Review

August 16
So Lawless – Excerpt & Giveaway


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