Thoughts On the Eve of the Year – 2015

This is my annual resolution post. Sometimes I have many, sometimes only one. This year I have a half dozen.

I want to do better at exercising, getting fresh air, sunshine, H20, all that important stuff. I want to spend more time schooling my 4-year-old, as he’s in a stage where he loves every bit of learning. I want to listen and reflect more and talk less. I want to hang out with my family without stressing out about work. I want to grow more things. I want to be less distracted by the internet and more focused on people. But most of these are kind of continuing resolutions–nothing new. Last year I said I wanted to live in the moment more. To enjoy life more. I’ve done that this year. I want to do it again next year, too.


I did a lot of reforming my eating and sleeping habits in 2014. I took many weeks off of sugar, some off of carbs, purchased a lot more produce from local farmers. I gave more back, fed more people, stretched leftovers, concocted new dishes, and wasn’t such a consumer. I went out of my way to buy healthy, organic, non-GMO food for our family. I spent a lot less daylight hours staring at a computer screen and I started rising before dawn and going to bed earlier. Some of this was about being healthier, but a lot of it was about disciplining myself and not being so lazy, haha. I feel better, stronger, and more focused this winter than I have in awhile.

It was a wonderful year for our family, too. We took a road trip. I got back to journaling. We had coffee with some old friends and long visits with high school besties. My husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. My 2-year-old and 4-year-old are both out of diapers, adept with Legos and sand shovels, and know the letters of the alphabet. We went to the beach, went fishing, went hiking, listened to audiobooks in the car.

I’m grateful for all of the blessings we’ve shared, for the friends who keep us grounded, and the family who has our backs. I loved this year. I hope next year is just as lovely (or even lovelier), and I hope yours is too! Have a beautiful, inspired, grand 2015, my darlings. <3


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