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OLaughlinPicRachel O’Laughlin grew up writing adventure stories on an archaic laptop that only ran one program, couldn’t connect to the internet, and died every few days—which provided a nice excuse to use a typewriter in the middle of an epic murder scene. After high school, she pushed novels to the backburner for immersion in the arts, touring with her band, and a hands-on education in sustainable living. At last she admitted to herself that she missed her first love and returned to fiction full time. She lives in New England with her husband and two kids, listens to The Fray, and drinks too many lattes. Three novels in her SERENGARD fantasy series have been released, and a fourth is scheduled for February 2018.

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The suspense was practically palpable, and at times, I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough.
Read full review for Knights of Rilch at Iceybooks.com

Knights of Rilch:
…a sweeping tale of loss, pride, and the challenge of holding onto your beliefs when it seems it would be wiser to just let go. [O’Laughlin] gives us characters with all their faults, all the subtle shades of grey that make them seem so real. Her world-building is incredible. Her storytelling exquisite.

— K.L. Schwengel, author of First of Her Kind