You can peruse through my official bio over at “Press”. Here, I’m just Rachel: Writer, Musician, Photographer. Lover of the arts more than most anything else you can shake a stick at. Oft-times I’m more of a hippy than a traditionalist, but I love tradition, too.

I am here because this is where it’s at—from the early days of MySpace, we all saw it going this way. The printed word will always be beloved, but the percentage of people who bestow it the time of day continues to dwindle. I’m not here to sell books. I’m here because I believe in books. I want to keep literature alive, just like the writer next to me. I hope that, in the end, something I say is the thing that makes you set down your tablet and explore the world around you, and when it all gets a little confusing, I hope you reach for the printed word to help it make sense.

Yes, I’m a bit of an evangelist, in that sense. I can’t hide it. I will wear it on my sleeve. The purpose of my internet presence is to get you to ignore me, and look to the tangible.

The purpose of my internet presence is to get you to ignore me, and look to the tangible.

Tangible places. People. Things. Smells. Truths. These are things that can be written about, can mean so much in a story, but no one can live them for us. We have to live them ourselves. We will only know the passion of being enveloped in them if we actually experience them.

So, all this is? Is a ramble about my loves. I adore strong coffee, The Fray, long drives in the country, and compelling stories about humans. Most of my writings are epic fantasy or historical fiction, mirroring my love of the linear, but I am not above a random short story or two (and man, do I love to read them). My most recent novel, Blood of Ashlin (the final installment in the Serengard Series) is just a little bit gritty with a dose of redemption.

I live in Maine with my husband and kids. Together we grow roses and spinach.

Who am I, though? More than that, friend. We are all more.