A mood board, just because.

These days I have to remind myself that, once upon a time, I released two books in one year.

I do not feel like that person right now.

I have been working on Blood of Ashlin for three years now. I know, “years” can mean procrastination, or not many actual hours logged, or too much distraction, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m prone to those pitfalls. The truth is, though, I’m enjoying this process immensely. I love writing this book, maybe too much. I keep adding more and rewriting bits of it and just in general being indecisive about what I want to cut out and what I want to keep. For the first two years of writing it, I would open the document and just kind of stare at the scary complexity of this story thinking, what have I done? But this third year, I am able to simply enjoy.

I do feel a bit guilty, because I know some of you are waiting for the final installment in Serengard. You might want me to actually finish so you can actually read. There’s a thought. Oh man…I want you to read this so badly. I do. I’m just in way over my head right now, in a good way. So, I’ll mood board like nobody’s business.

That’s actually just the first half of the book.

I’m starting to realize I have been this way before. This is actually the Rachel of the Teen Years. I used to write like no one was watching, because no one was. I’m a firm believer in keeping aware of the fact that people will be reading my words (hence the muchos editing), but I also believe we have to be true to each story’s core. I almost wish I could revisit Coldness of Marek and work on it long enough to find this blissful stream of agreement with the story. I know I encountered it while working on Knights of Rilch–I know because I remember wishing I could begin the entire series with that book–but I didn’t revel in it very long. I needed to be done. I honestly was concerned I would over-edit if I didn’t finish up, and probably, with that book, it was true.

All of that said, this has been in my head and in my Scrivener doc for basically a tenth of my life now, and I’m finally not struggling against it any more. I’m moving with it, and it’s glorious.

This is the second half. Completed novel coming this October. Or November. Or December. Soon, guys. Soon.

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Release dates (now with blurbs)!

After much scheduling and double checking, making sure I’ve allowed for plenty of double and triple checks on everything, I’m excited to announce that COLDNESS OF MAREK and its sequel KNIGHTS OF RILCH have release dates!

Here they are:

Deeply entangled in revolutionizing her native country of Serengard, Trzl will sacrifice anything for her cause– even the life of the man she loves. After a tangled mess of betrayals leaves her a single mother at nineteen, she seeks refuge near the chilling Cliffs of Marek. But she has enemies even here; and when a marauder takes her captive, she must learn to play her own hand of betrayal to protect herself and her son.
Release Date: August 6th, 2013 !!!

When a mob of rebels kills her parents and burns Serengard’s capital to the ground, crown princess Kierstaz Orion is determined to reclaim her kingdom and exact revenge. And with a price on their heads and assassins nipping at their heels, Kierstaz and her brother have only one means of doing so: leading a handful of knights against the rebel army. But the two of them are keeping secrets from each other that could tear them apart… and what remains of their country as well.
Release Date: October 8th, 2013 !!!

Several cool things will be happening in the upcoming months, most likely in this order:

1. The rewrite of COLDNESS OF MAREK will be completed and sent to its last round of betas. I will make final adjustments according to their notes.

2. Both final drafts will be sent to my copy editor. She will polish and edit, edit and polish!

3. I will launch a street team, which will involve a cover reveal, ARCs, giveaways, blog tour, and more fun stuff.

4. Final proof-readings will happen.

5. Design team will finalize cover and formatting.

6. COLDNESS will go to print! KNIGHTS will go to print!

I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on the process and what’s happening when. It’s all going to be pretty darn exciting!