Adios to Winter

IN HONOR OF the approaching season of spring, I have put together a wintry tribute to summer. That sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but what can I say? I enjoy inventing oxymorons.

THE MELTING SNOW makes me sad, though, I must admit. This winter has been one of the greatest sledding seasons ever and I will miss it.

 OF COURSE, A good sledding season inevitably means a bad skating season. One way or the other, you make the best of it because when summer comes around, planting and harvesting, haying and building, gigs and more gigs, there won’t be any time for outdoor play whatsoever.

 TOO MANY TRIPS to too many places, but hey, musicians will be musicians. I just wish there was some way to see my cousin this summer. I miss her.

ELSEWISE AND ANYHOO, bring on the sunshine beacause there is tons to do.

— Rachel

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