[Certain Sounds]

There are certain sounds that don’t require anything at all to improve them. You have to know what I mean, or if you don’t, you’ve listened to too many special effects noises to understand it. But I’m willing to bet you have your own most beautiful sounds.

 Mine include the country music from my neighbor’s garage.

 The clank of forks and spoons outside kitchen screen doors.

 Laughs and calls from the kids riding bikes on the road.

 Eric Church turned up way too loud on 70’s speakers.

 The revving engine of a car that still won’t run for very long.

 The tinkle of snowflakes blown against a metal roof and Andersen windows.

 Motorbikes and pick-up trucks on dirt and rocks.

 Dogs barking at an imaginary threat and a man’s voice telling them to stop.

 Rototillers and chainsaws and snowmobiles.

 Wind. Strong, gusty, fall winds and pounding rain.

 They mean something, represent something. They are the most wonderful sounds in the world to me; even including ocean surf in the equation. Whether there are clouds or golden sunsets, doesn’t matter. Hearing those things means home, even if home is wherever I am at the time, and there is no music quite as lovely or as true.

6 thoughts on “[Certain Sounds]

  1. skycowgirl says:

    “Dogs barking at an imaginary threat and a man’s voice telling them to stop.”

    Thats a good one. Slightly an annoying one when your a dog owner yourself though. lolz.

  2. skycowgirl says:

    Barking dogs dont bother me either, but when they bother your parents and you have to tell them to shut up even if they dont listen to you, so that it looks like your doing something about it… it can get annoying…. =P

  3. Grace says:

    my dog smells horrible. i have to be with her outside to tolerate her. bring her inside and i want to puke from her stench. hahahaha she’s a real dog

  4. Egm says:

    Hey You!!! I love those sounds too. And those day’s where you are sitting at your desk writing, and the window is open, and that little lighthouse is tinckling. Ahhh. : )

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