Soul Mates and Selfishness (Mark Gungor)

Finally found how to describe my misgivings connected with my Maiden Series from three years back. I previously described some of my revisited thought in my post Love! You didn’t do right by me. in 2009. I now quote Mark Gungor:

“When you grow up,” the wind whispered in the young girl’s ear, “you’ll meet your soul mate—the one with whom you can share your life and experience ecstatic, joyful love.  You will find yourselves entwined as one in conjugal bliss.”

“How will I know who it is?” the little girl questioned.  “How will I find the right one?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” said the wind reassuringly. “Destiny dictates the meeting of our soul mates.  You will meet the one who is right and you will live happily ever after. ”The idea that there is just one special person for me—my soul mate—comes from an alleged altercation between the human race and the Greek god Zeus.  According to Greek mythology, we humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces.  Because Zeus feared that the authority of the gods might be compromised by this race of beings, he decided to split each person in half, condemning us to spend the rest of our lives wandering unrequited until we find the half we were separated from—our lost soul mate. It was thought that our undying pursuit of perfect love is the result of Zeus’s scheme to keep us busy—far away from meddling in the domain of the gods.

According to this account, a person’s soul mate is the one-and-only other half of one’s soul—we would always be less happy with any other person…

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