Breves make you brave.

“Once you have thrown a ball in the air, you are obliged to keep on juggling it as best you can.” –George R. R. Martin
“After all, creative spelling and grammar might be part of your writing style or a character’s language.” –BookBaby; ePublishing Guidlines

I’ve been puzzling over this one story for awhile. By awhile I mean a few years. Umm, more than a few years. I have this manuscript I keep pounding at, batting around, rearranging. It is a serious mess. I’m supposed to be putting it away in preparation for my next fantasy novel, which I begin working on in 11 days, but I keep getting a few more tiny morsels of story that I must get into the canon. It’s frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. If you do anything creative, which most everybody does, you understand, so I’ll just assume everybody knows what I’m talking about!

Anyway. I’ve just discovered a new coffee beverage that makes me especially brave with my keyboard. So long as it is before noon, a cafe breve does the trick. It’s basically a latte made with half n’ half as opposed to milk, and believe me– that thick, creamy flavor instead of the sweetness of milk?– makes all the difference.

So ummmm yeah. I’m cuddling up with a mug of it right now. And I feel inspired enough to write a blog post all about coffee, which is not unusual, so I should be sensible enough to leave this in the drafts folder and not publish it. But… I’m kindof excited right now, so I’m clicking publish. Right now.

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