Thoughts on the Eve of the Year

Photo by Jenny Kaczorowski
Photo by Jenny Kaczorowski

I’m an idea person. I dream up far more projects than I can reasonably accomplish. When it comes down to my determination to get things done, I’m terrible. I often don’t get a fire under my butt until the week of–or even the day before–a deadline. With this series, I don’t have that luxury. I have to work on my current novel every single day if I’m to release a quality book in a timely manner. So when I have an occasional day where I sleep in and the kids don’t nap and I’m sick as a dog at bedtime, and I don’t write? I’m a mess. I call myself a loser and weep for the lost hours of writing time. “If I could just write, I would be happy.”

As I’m approaching the end of edits on KNIGHTS OF RILCH right now, I feel like every micro piece of this process is taking forever. Actually, it’s not frustrating me. I’m strangely calm and slow about this. I want to get it right. My attitude is hugely thanks to my charming and brilliant editor, Rebecca A. Weston, who knows how to call me on my dumb stuff and pick on every tiny little word that just doesn’t sit right. I mean, I feel like I’ve been through this manuscript so many times, and she’s still finding a boatload of crap that needs to be combed through and smoothed over. I am ever grateful for her, because I know there is no way I would have the patience or strength to look at this critically for the bazillionth time if she didn’t have mark-ups all over it, forcing me to pay attention.


I’ve had moments when I thought I was behind, but looking at the calendar now, I’m actually right on time. The days just feel like they’re rolling by and I’m not getting anywhere, y’know? But actually, I’m getting everywhere. I’m almost ready to call my second novel done. I’m halfway through drafting my third. I have a cover that just got revealed last week and ARC giveaways up and running. I am so freaking close to being more than a debut author, and I still spend 90% of my time taking care of my family, feeding, clothing, doing laundry, driving, cleaning, changing diapers, and hopefully finding time to shower and take a coffee break now and then. When I’m lucky, I actually get to edit, write, and read for pleasure in one day. Those days are like whipped cream. Fluffy, smooth, impossibly perfect whipped cream. And I get one now and then, on top of my pie and ice cream that is domestic life with two little boys. I should be so thankful and proud of myself.

My New Year’s resolution? Simply to bask in the prettiness and niceness of life. I love everything I get to do with my days. I’m incredibly lucky to be married to an extremely supportive man, who enjoys so many of the same things and shares the same goals. That I can be involved in my kids’ lives and grab an hour here and there to fill pages with words I love. That I have wonderful CPs, betas, and proofreaders who read my entire books multiple times. That I have you, reading this blog and finding my life/books/musings even slightly interesting.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Eve of the Year

  1. maechs says:

    OMG! Love the cover Rachel! Although that’s not surprising since Coldness of Marek has a beautiful cover as well! Wishing you the best of luck on the release of Knights of Rilch! And happy holidays!!!

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