Producers who cancel shows.

I know for certain if some producer or network somewhere was to bring back Firefly with new episodes and the original cast, that person would make a fortune. The show may have only had a small Sci-Fi following back when it aired on the Sci-Fi network, but its fan base has now expanded far beyond that to many (including myself) who never cared for Sci-Fi much in their lives. The whole space cowboy thing has a lot of appeal; and the acting is executed ridiculously well, the scripts inpeccable, and the effects never overdone or monstrous. Besides, even the parts of the show that are meant to scare you are not gross or morbid (I think they crossed that line when they made the movie Serenity, though– had to close my eyes a few times, eeek).

If someone would reinstate this show, or maybe make another movie, I would jump up and down. Honestly, there were only fourteen episodes ever made, three of which never aired! Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy just finished it’s sixth season. Blah.

Speaking of cancelled shows… who on earth ever in their lives wanted to cancel Jericho? Was it just too good? How could they do it without having their conscience plague them for the rest of their lives? I don’t understand.

3 thoughts on “Producers who cancel shows.

  1. Sky says:

    I hear you about Grey’s Anatomy. But I’ve never grown attached to any show that I would care whether it was canceled or not.

  2. Rachel says:

    I don’t watch TV so I never really get attached to a show until I’ve watched it on DVD. And that’s when I really hate it if they cancel it way before the story had a chance to culminate.

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