Urban Prejudice of Mine

I’m often quick to form an opinion and way too slow to take it back. By the time I realize that maybe I was wrong, I may have accidentally been poured into a restrictive mold of my own making. This is usually comical! So I thought for your entertainment I would recount a few of my claim reversals.

I used to like every Keith Urban song that ever came on the radio. But I assumed that since his fans always went on and on about his physical attributes that he had to be a fraud as a musician, a pretty boy and not much else. It really bugged me that I liked his music so much! I told people that I hated Keith Urban.

Then last September I saw him do a live performance of one song on TV and I was hooked. Contrary to my stereo-typing, he put a huge amount of emotion into his performance and poured it out to the audience; it wasn’t about him, it was about them. So says I, I like him!  A few months later I splurged and bought all of his albums (something I never do!) and discovered that most of those songs I adored were originals by him, but more so, he has some heavy stuff on there that was never released to radio and will stir you like nothing else.

I used to tell people I loved the movie Pride & Prejudice. I mean, I told a lot of people this! Well, so, my tastes changed… I could say that! But no. I realized a little while ago that I never actually liked this movie. I claimed to like it because it was expected that every girl must like this movie! And who was I to be unfeminine? A few lines here and there that made me laugh, I liked those. But overall, it holds no real glamour for my sword-fighting tendencies. I like the girl to be in danger before she’s rescued.

I claimed to hate cell-phones and texting. This May I bought an LG Banter and I text all the time. I swore I would never use mousse in my hair. I now use it nearly every day. I thought I didn’t like animals. But recently I noticed myself talking to ducks and kittens and even black flies almost as much as I talk to people.

And then there’s that man I claimed I would never marry. And now I am marrying him and I am soooooo happy!!! Thus ends my confessions for the day. :)

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