Life is as hard as you make it!

I always wonder what people mean when they say their life is complicated, or hard. Do they think their life is the only life that is hard? Or do they think they have to be unhappy and unfriendly just because they have a hard life?

Living is always a lot of work. Sometimes people confuse work with hardship. Just because you have to work all the time does not mean there is something wrong! We all have to work! And if everything is just too crazy and complicated for you, simplify it. Seek employment where all you have to do is show up and not have to think about it on the weekend, or cut loose whatever career or people are pulling you into frustration, or buy less “necessities” so you don’t have to make credit card payments.

Hindsight is 20/20 and that’s why I am saying this now. I learned this lesson from looking back on my teenage years. I realize that most of my harried and oh-so-busy life was of my own making. The percentage that was not my fault was hardly a hiccup, and seriously, I didn’t have cause to be unhappy with any of those things that didn’t go my way. No biggie.

Now I’m a mom with a house to clean and errands to run and a budget to keep. And I still have the same choices; whether to let myself get frustrated with the laundry and life get “hard”, or just enjoy the breeze while I snap peas.

Why complicate things?

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