I am engrossed in a novel that is not fantastic in way of its story or necessarily its characters, but the writing of it—the sheer gorgeous beauty in the telling—has me enthralled.

Rafael Sabatini, you have done it again. I wish you were still writing novels.

4 thoughts on “Scaramouche!

    1. Sky says:

      I haven’t read any of his works, but I did research on him once… found him quite an interesting read, at times a most sad one. When I get the next chance to pick up a book maybe I’ll make it that one, might as well try it. :)

      1. Rachel says:

        Oh! If you’ve never read him before, I think you would most enjoy Captain Blood or Venetian Masque. I read those first and they’re much more upbeat! Something that lots of early 20th century fiction is not, haha.

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