I’m going to do this

This looks like an excellent way to get past my ridiculous indecisiveness/perfectionist related issues with my fiction writing (see I’ll Publish It Someday at left). I’m going to start a novel from scratch at the beginning of November, and so help me I shall have it finished by the time December rolls around.

I’m really excited. And kinda scared.

One thought on “I’m going to do this

  1. Sky says:

    Absolutely! This is a great thing, some years they even offered the “winners” [anyone who finishes!] a free printed copy of their book through an amazon affiliated [I believe] printing company and that year my cousin was a winner. She loves her paperback. We’ve all read it! I haven’t done it since 2006 or so but I’ve always cheered others on who are doing it and often do a LOT of proof reading/editing for my NaNo friends. I think you’ll really enjoy it. But I won’t lie, it’s gonna take a lot from you. 50,000 words in 30 days really takes it’s toll. Last year one of my friends gave herself extra goals, to make it more of a challenge since she’s been doing it for years. Good luck, Rachel. xoxo

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