Ah, editing commencement

Oh oh, how I love editing! I can’t get over how easy it is!

I have always been a bit of an editing maniac. I just love to chop up what I’ve written and improve it vastly by a different word here, a different phrase, moving that sentence from up here to down there, deleting a paragraph, adding a paragraph. I love to do it, I love to read what it looks like afterwards and feel that lovely sigh of relief. Ah. Much better.

As promised, the thirty days of reckless literary abandon was the hard part. It is now behind me. And a finished manuscript will be easy to come by at the end of the month. Perfect, no. But finished.

I know I keep promising exerpts. All the sudden I am really close to having it ready to publish. Maybe I will just get it out there and surprise you? Trade Paperback. Coming soon.

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